SJAC Venture Crew 130

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Hello! Welcome to Venture Crew 130. Venturing is a branch of boy scouts for boys and girls, ages 14-21. The program was designed for those who wanted to do more high adventure activities, and college students that miss being a scout. The Crew is mainly scout-led, so we choose our own activities and plan them ourselves. We love Venturing because of the opportunity for adventure and the lesson of leadership that it teaches us. 

Advisor: Randy Seelye

President: Kinsey Cox

Vice President of Administration: Christiana Linebrink

Vice President of Program: Duncan Miller

Secretary: Kira Hale

Treasurer: Tim Novak

Upcoming Events:

Register for Wilderness First Aid(download in email from February 16th) and email [email protected] if you are skiing, going to the next meeting, or doing Wilderness First Aid.